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PCB EngineerWork place:Xihu Technology Park, Hangzhou, China

Job description

Job Description:

1.Bachelor degree or above of industrial on majors like computer, communications, electronics or other related professional;

2.Working experience no less 2 years; 

3.Familiar with analog and digital circuits and devices while have the experience of  hardware engineer development; 

4.Proficient in PCB board design; 

5.Proficient in protel/dxp design tools, familiar with powerpcb, pads and other circuit design tools; 

6.Familiar with PCB system board PCB process and related materials and welding technology; 

7.Proficient in Allegro/protel software and high speed board impedance design; SI, PI, EMC layout experience is preferred; 

8.Working hard, meticulous arrangements, strong learning ability, good teamwork, able to project coordination.

Job Responsibilities:

1. According to the requirements of the project and hardware engineer's guidance, start working related work like PCB design, assembly, processing technology and testing;

2 Take responsiblity to thequality of completing designed PCB and project; 

3. Assist to hardware debugging; 

4. Submit related related documents of project.

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