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2 Gigabit Combo+24FE

Telecom Network 100/1000M series is a fiber telecom smart ethernet switch which is reached and developed independently by ourself Saciom company.It has 2 gigabit combo ports and 24*10/100Mbps (RJ45 port) adaptive ethernet RJ45 ports. 

Switch SFP interfaces is 100/1000M full duplex mode, and RJ45 port can work at 10M, 100M,1000M full duplex or half duplex mode is really the 10 / 100/1000M adaptive optical switches.

SFP optical module: single-mode or multimode, single fiber / dual fiber. Single fiber / dual fiber, dual fiber SFP need two core optical fiber to transmit ethernet signal while single SFP only need one core fiber to transmit ethernet signal. Transmission distance: multimode 2KM; single mode: 20/40/60/80/100/120KM (optional).

Features are:

1. RJ45 port support AUTO-MDIX.

2. Auto exchange full/half duplex.

3. SFP optical module can be inserted into SFP slot. That's convenient to change the optical module according to the users requirement.

4. Intelligent / Smart switch support setting Ring-network which can self-healing that ensured the network stable and reliable.

Telecom network management type 100/1000M series optical fiber ring network switch is used for exchange 100/1000M (ethernet fiber switch) of multi-channel electrical signals and optical signals from photoelectric signal. It according with the standard of IEEE802.3z/A. MTBF: > 70000 hours.

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□ 2 Gigabit Combo ports & 24*100Base-TX ports;

□ Apply with IEEE802.3z/A standard;

□ Ethernet port supports full and half duplex communication network, with automatic negotiation ability;

□ Through the WEB interface manage can set IP, VLAN division, flow speed etc.;

□ Based on port VLAN division, this division method won't influence the remote device;

□ 802.1q VLAN division: the distal end interface can be divided into the same VALN with 802.1q VLAN division;

□ Support setting up Ring-network, self-healing enhanced the system survivability;

□ Transmission distance without relay can reach to 2 ~ 120km;

□ SFP optical module: Single mode or Multimode, Single fiber or double fiber (optional);

□ Working power: 220V/5V, 2A;

□ 3 optional installation: Desktop, Wall, standard 19 inch rack-mount.

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Ethernet port

> Ethernet port number: 24          Interface type:  RJ45,10/100Mbps

> Rate: 10/100Mpbs adaptive, full / half duplex adaptive

> IEEE 802.3, 802.1Q IEEE (VLAN).

> MAC address table: 4096 MAC addresses

> Physical interface: RJ45 block, support for Auto-MDIX (Cross / straight line adaptive)

Optical interface

> Interface number: 2 combo ports, Interface type: SFP slot &RJ45, 1000Mbps

> Rate: 1000Mpbs adaptive, full / half duplex adaptive

> Wavelength: Single mode 1310nm /1550nm

                        Multimode     850nm /1310nm (optional)

> Fiber core: Single / double fiber (optional)

> Transmission power: -9dBm ~ -5dBm.

> Transmission distance: 

                        Single mode: 20/40/60/80/100/120km

                        Multimode: 2km (optional)

> Receiving sensitivity: Better than -36dBm

> Optical module: SFP/LC; single mode or multimode, single-fiber or double- fiber;

Mechanical properties

> Enclosure: IP30 protection class, metal housing

> Installation: Desktop, Wall mounted, Standard 19'' rack mount.

Industry standard

> EMI: FCC part 15, CISPR (EN55022) class A.

> EMS: 

       EN61000-4-2 (ESD), EN61000-4-3 (RS),

       EN61000-4-4 (EFT), EN61000-4-5 (Surge),

       EN61000-4-6 (CS), EN61000-4-6 (common mode conduction)

> Industry: IEC6100-6-2

> Railway: EN50155.EN50121-4

> Traffic: TS-2 NEMA

> Coal: GB/T3836.1/2/3/4

> Machine: IEC68-2-6/27/32

Working environment

> Working temperature: 0℃~50℃

> Storage temperature: -20℃~70℃

> Relative humidity >: 5~90% (no condensation)


> Power supply: 220V/5V; 2A

> AC220V (frame type switch)

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