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Ningbo petrochemical engineering video surveillance case
Release time2015-01-07

Sinopec Ningbo Engineering to achieve the functions: front-end web camera signal acquisition, transmission part will be collected to the video signal transmission to the gatehouse room storage, the gatehouse room and the signal is uploaded to the police center room room storage and playback.

This project is made up of 5 parts:

1, front end network camera acquisition part

2, video signal transmission part

3, the room door post local storage part

4, the police room control center management platform

5, the police room control center big screen display part

Network camera was used in front of the camera, effective pixel 300W, 2048 * 1536 resolution output support, video acquisition to occupy the whole network resources is very large, in order to guarantee the video signal flow and transmission quality, the front-end using 1 gigabit optical 8 electricity. In each monitoring point to the gatehouse room. The Gatehouse room and uploaded to the police office center room laying Gigabit LAN (local area network).

The front end of the network camera IP signal by Category 6 UTP gigabit optical 8 IP HD equipment to gather, photoelectric conversion function of the equipment into optical signal, through two core optical fiber transmission to the gatehouse room light aggregation switches;

- backplane bandwidth: 18Gbps, packet forwarding rate: 14MPPS

-1 - 1000Base-X (SFP) and 8 10/100/1000M adaptive port;

- support full duplex and network communication, with automatic negotiation ability;

- Ethernet port supports AUT-MDIX (cross line and the quality of the first adaptive)

- can detect when the optical signal is lost to the end device is dropped or the fiber barrier, indicator light and the alarm;

- Single / double / single mode fiber, multimode, FC/SC/ST/LC (according to the customer demand optional)

- no optical transmission distance up to 2~120KM, multimode fiber 550m;

- Power: DC5V/2A (external power supply)

The front-end production base of each monitoring point IP signal through the optical fiber transmission converging multiple Ethernet electrical signal, through the RJ45 directly uploaded to the network storage devices NVR, 16 gigabit optical + 10 Gigabit electric the convergent light switches and multiport Ethernet switch with a device integration, into a set of equipment for data exchange between forwarding, not easily lead to network congestion, delay to meet video surveillance on system stability.

16GX+10GE provide 10 10/100M/1000M RJ45 port, 16 independent 1000m SFP ports. Hardware support for second layer line speed exchange. Users can through the Ethernet port and the functions of the switch in the form of Web settings. Built-in ARP and DOS defense system can be an effective defense ARP, dos and all variants of the virus attacks, also 16GX+10GE is also equipped with a many very powerful features: a comprehensive QoS, spanning tree, to suppress all storm, bandwidth control, I Snooping ACL, GMP access control, Snooping DHCP, etc. are very suitable for small and medium enterprises, campus network and metropolitan area network applications.

The gatehouse room light aggregation switches (16 Gigabyte light + 10 Gigabit electric) through the Gigabit uplink burring the 2 cable transmission switch to converge (three layers, 24 Giga light + 4 gigabit optical multiplexing + 10 Giga optical), in front of the gatehouse room IP signals converge to the aggregation switch equipment on, through 10 Gigabit expansion card Gigabit burring uploaded to the core switch (Gigabit burring 24 Giga electrical multiplexing of photoelectric + 4 Gigabit + 10 Giga optical), between the various business through the core switch is assigned to each system, decoder through super twisted pair is connected to the core exchange machine through the software directly on the wall and other office computer through After the installation of video surveillance client directly preview picture, video retrieval etc.!

4GX+24GE is the company independent research and development of the standard three layer without blocking switch, which provides a multi layer switching capability and line speed routing forwarding capacity.SCMH-G4GX24T4M switch can support 4 Gigabit ports, to the convergence and core between the data provided a sufficient bandwidth.

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