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Notice of Relocation to New Office
Release time2017-03-13

Dear Customer: 

Thanks for your long-standing support and cooperation with the Company, all of us Saicom staff

express our sincere gratitude and heartfelttribute here! 

Due to the expansion of business needs, the company size will be expanded. So the company office

will be moved to the new address (it will be showed as below).

Pls let us apologize for all the inconvenience lead from this moving! 

This relocation will be a new starting for us to provide you better products and services in the

future and developing with your together. 

Thanks again for all of your supports and cooperation ever before.

Pls find our new office address:

New Address: 

3rd Floor, No. 3A Building, No. 8, Xiyuan 1 road, West Lake Technology Park, Hangzhou China. 

Tel: 0571-81389112-8011  0571-81389113/89937936 

Fax: 0571-81389114

Best wishes for you!

 Hangzhou Saicom Communication Technology Co., Ltd.



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