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Notice about Advance Stocking for G20 Summit Meeting
Release time2016-07-30

The 11th Summit Meeting of twenty countries leaders group (G20) will be held in Hangzhou, China, from September 4th to September 5th this year, according to the notice, we should prepare for it in advance to meet the G20 summit.

Reject all chemicals, flammable, dangerous goods! They are in being strictly investigation.

Since August, all the logistics truck were banned to enter ZheJiang.

August 24th - September 6th the whole city logistics outage stop carry, all factory and manufacturer stop production and on holiday!

To protect the customer from the influence of this vocation, please inform all the customer preparing for purchase in advance as soon as during July to August middle.

Holiday Notice for G20: from September 1st to September 4th, totally 4 days. Come back working: on September 5th -9 month 10 work.

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