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Ⅰ Mission  

Become the leading communications equipment manufacturers, is committed to providing customers with excellent service, to provide staff with the best opportunities for growth, good returns for shareholders, responsibility is essential.

The core content of creative solutions include: Responsibility Vision Passion 

□ Responsibility is essentially: 

Creative solutions, essentially it is our responsibility: for all employees, customers, the telecommunications industry, the responsibility to shareholders. We solemnly promise: Whenever, wherever, we will all be persistent forward, never give up. 

Because responsibility, our "stronger, bigger, longer" have a fundamental driving force. 

□ Vision is the core:

Creative solutions, the core is our ambition: Vision is an inspiring force, a man without ambition is like no spur horse, do not run fast. Company brings together a group full of ideas, aspiring employees, as a first-class communications equipment system supplier, to create Everlasting "century-old" and go all out, innovative and enterprising. In order to achieve our vision, we check all the possibilities, thus, we believe that we will be invincible, we'll sustainable operation. Because vision, our "stronger, bigger, longer" with the right direction. 

□ Passion is the key: 

Creative solutions, the key depends on our continued passion: Begin from me, start from now, start from the details, full of passion, sustained effort, turned small victories, by a single product to break through to series first, in order to have a place in the world communications industry. We deeply know: talk to no avail, passion is the driving force of all actions, result is everything. Because of continuing passion, our "stronger, bigger, longer" has become an inevitable. 

Ⅱ Values

Absorbed innovative services cooperation. Aggressive responsibility honesty respect. 

□ Absorbed

Saicom's success cannot do without long-term mission of pursuing, also inseparable from the small but persistent focus. We want to focus on the field of communication, focusing on the company's growth, focus on their own work. 

□ Innovative

Innovative speed determines the pace of development of our, continuous Innovative formed our core competitive advantage. Therefore, we try to encourage, encourage innovation, Never to be satisfied in technological innovation, product innovation, business innovation and management innovation. 

□ Service

To provide customers with the best products and services, This is our only way to achieve the mission, we must have a strong sense of service and attitude, possess a high level of service capabilities. We follow the principle of customer orientation, with an open mind to listen to customer opinion, actively improve service levels, strive to maintain long-term relationships between customers and companies. Our services include the company's external customers, they are our source of profits, also includes the company's internal customers, they are the source of our growth. 

□ Cooperation

We respected this law: For anyone, person's success cannot do without a certain organization and platform, only with organization harmonious and complementary, can complete self to success (I+We=Fully I). In Saicom, Anyone inseparable from team, individual behavior is closely related with the growth of the team, the team will always give a person to provide the best growth opportunity. Therefore, we encourage teamwork, encourage mutual communication, promote common development. 

□ Aggressive

We will not be satisfied with the success of stage, not because of the success of a particular project and complacent, Saicom great mission requires us to have a long-term perspective of development, always aggressive attitude, and the ability to become an inevitable success chance inevitable success. learning is the source of aggressive and waiting and complaining is the obstruction of aggressive, so, we encourage continuous learning, opposed to wait, to eliminate complain. 

□ Responsibility

To organization, the family and the society, we have the responsibility, to take responsibility, the courage to admit mistakes, shirk and evade any responsibility for the team's attitude not allowed. 

□ Honesty

Each person's character will affect the reputation of Saicom, we appreciate the moral integrity, encourage frank and open, keep their promise, to encourage the the facts speak. 

□ Respect

We are a group of highly qualified outstanding personnel, our team is the best team of a high quality, respect everyone, respect for themselves is our basic requirements. For customers, colleagues, companies and their respect is reflected in the nuances, including behaviors and actions. 

Ⅲ Code of Conduct

Brook no delay, Effective implementation, Open attitude, Respect the facts, Do their full marks,  Mutual trust and win-win, Good communication create fun. 

□ Brook no delay

We need to go beyond the growth rate of peers, need brooks no delay work style. Against procrastination, opposition to find an excuse.

□ Effective implementation

We passed a lot of market research and wide consultation and decision-making, once the decision-making, need for effective execution. Therefore, to promote the work plan, encourage against possible trouble. Opposition to fail to keep faith, opposed to ignore the details. 

□ Open attitude

Meet setbacks, not blame on others, success is not pleased with oneself, to have an open attitude towards the honor or disgrace, actively looking for effective creative solutions. Against self-occlusion. 

□ Respect the facts

We believe that facts speak for themselves, to take facts as the basis to make judgments and actions. Requirements of seek truth from facts, against out of nothing; Requires research sources, against false information. 

□ Do their full marks 

As long as there is 50% chance of success, we will fight for a 100% success. Do our full marks is what we do every thing must meet standards of competency. We asked the team to adhere to the "high standards" and "strict requirements", opposition to do things carelessly, opposed to cope with the job.

□ Mutual trust and win-win

Teamwork is based on mutual trust, mutual growth, any internal friction behavior will reduce the productivity of Saicom. We advocate mutual trust and win-win, companies and individuals win, with customers win, individual and colleagues win, required to station in each other's point of view, can help each other to improve, improve efficiency. Opposition against each other, against individuals supremacy. 

□ Good communication

The high efficiency of organizational thanks to success and smooth communication, we encourage open and effective communication, regardless of position, is willing to listen to the opinions of others. Complained privately and behind the criticism is the enemy of teamwork, so welcome all kinds of suggestions, criticisms against the back, welcome to ask questions, objections complained privately. 

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