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Hangzhou headquarters

Tel:  +86-571-81389112-8011      
Mob : +86-18006782251
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QQ: 2995701152

Zip code : 310030
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Address: 3rd Floor, No. 3A Building, No. 8, Xiyuan 1 road, West Lake Technology Park, Hangzhou China. 

National and regional offices in the region

Xiamen Office

Mobile phone:15381108556

Kunming Office

Mobile phone:18057143759 
Address: west road no. 39 teaching field in kunming, yunnan province

Shenzhen Office

Mobile phone:15381108556
Address: Shenzhen Huaqiang North Road, No. 1015, Huaqiang electronic world No. 2 Building No. 8 Building 3B

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