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Saicom communication station remote data transmission to solve the problem of chain gas
Release time2015-12-02

Along with the rapid development of our country's various undertakings, especially the rapid development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, people have more and more demands on transmission. The original gas station information system has been built earlier, the equipment performance is low, and the line speed is low.

Understand the electric, electric, optical transmission as a professional equipment manufacturers, the Saicom communication 2 Optical ports+ 6 Electrical ports,2 Optical ports+8 Electrical ports, 4 Optical ports+8 Electrical ports industrial grade optical switch series and industrial grade 19 inch light switches and effective solution to the gas station remote data real-time transmission problem: management center of oil depot of the temperature, the humidity, the amount of oil and other information in real time; 

Safety and stable network environment guarantees such as POS machines and other confidential information security transmission, to protect the gas station and the driver friends of information security; 

Equipment with thick aluminum alloy shell, beautiful and durable, and achieve IP40 protection grade: independent use, but also can be installed to the professional 19 inches In the frame of 4U, it is convenient for centralized management, and the network type of network can improve the survivability of the system and avoid the problem of network paralysis due to the failure of the line.

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