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Saicom communications Qinghai meteorological station data acquisition and transmission project successful
Release time2015-12-02

The project uses a 2 optical ports 6 electric ports power industrial grade network management type optical switch, 1 optical port 1 electric , more than 1 electric light switches and 1 optical multi - optical switches.

2GX+6GE industrial grade optical switches with 2 gigabit optical interfaces and 6 10/100/1000M Ethernet RJ45 the acquisition of video monitoring, temperature and humidity signal through the optical fiber ring network transmission to the data center, data center of the signal to implement records management. 

The distance is far, the ordinary cable has not to transfer monitoring points, the first detection signal is transmitted to a light 1 / 8, and then through the optical fiber signal transmission to the acquisition point of light electro-optic switch, realizes the remote signal acquisition and transmission. At the same time, 2 light electric industrial grade self-healing ring network, optical switches support web Reduce the need to invest and the characteristics of the radiation of surface configuration and management, with industrial grade design, with high stability, high price, high in lightning protection level, also featuring DIN rail mounting desktop installation options, can be widely used in telecommunications, electricity, water conservancy, finance, transportation, energy, public security, prison, troops and other different fields and different industries of Ethernet service any harsh conditions and occasions. 

Light electro-optic switch to realize the multi-channel optical signal through a signal transmission, and a light electricity is the multi-channel signals into a optical signal transmission, both of the cable laying, reduce the cost, convenient tube The way of network management is more stable and reliable than a single link network, which can avoid the interruption of the network.

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