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 Build and hand in the universities of Ningbo and safe campus
Release time2015-12-01

In 2014, Saicom communication and including Ningbo University, Ningbo Institute of Technology University, Ningbo Engineering College and other colleges and universities formally established relations of cooperation, in the field of security, common to create a safe campus offer an own strength.

Campus monitoring project to achieve the function: front camera collection road, dormitory building, teaching building and other video signals, transmission through optical fiber equipment to the school room, the room in the convergence of the exchange of signals to achieve a unified signal, signal to the TV wall or into the storage device.

Front-end using a network of cameras, IP signal by Category 6 UTP gathered light 1 1, 1 light 4 electric, 2 light 4 electric, 1 8 light electricity IP HD devices, photoelectric conversion function of the equipment into optical signal, through two core optical fiber transmission to light aggregation switches, the front end of the light electricity, 2 light electrical equipment is our company independent research and development of software based on the Ethernet optical switch and provide 10/100Base-TX RJ45 port and support MDI/MDIX (line automatic flip) function and a 100base FX, single-mode or multimode, single fiber / dual fiber, SC/FC/S T/LC connector, transmission distance 2/20/40/80/120KM (optional) the product uses high performance network

switching chip, all ports are supported without blocking, full speed packet forwarding, can be widely used in telecommunications, power, water conservancy, finance, transportation, energy, public security, prison, and other industries to meet the needs of the Ethernet business to meet the needs of any harsh conditions. 

Support full duplex and network communication, with automatic negotiation ability; 

Support VLAN long packet transmission, can support a switch products IEEE802.10 protocol using matching and maximum support for the 1916 byte Ethernet package;

The Ethernet port supports AUTO-MDIX (cross line and straight line adaptive);

We have Ethernet monitoring automatic reset function, not crash;

We can detect when the optical signal is lost for the end of the device is powered down or fiber and through impassability, indicator light alarm;

The transmission distance can reach 2 to 120 kilometers;

The single / double / single mode multimode fiber; FC/SC/ST/LC (SFP) (optional); 

The optional variety of power: AC220V; -48V; 24V; AC220/5V (built-in) (external); 

The -48V/24V power supply with automatic detection function of polarity, without distinction between positive and negative pole installation;

The signal using two core cable transmission switch to converge (24 light + 2 photoelectric multiplexing), decoder through super twisted pair is connected to the switch core through the software directly on the wall, other office computer by installing video surveillance client directly preview picture, the transfer of video. The aggregation switches is the company independent research and development of the standard non blocking packet switches. It provides multilayer switching capacity and wire speed routing forwarding capability, provides sufficient bandwidth for data aggregation and core. The user can according to need to select the appropriate number of interfaces flexibly with network size.

Characteristic parameter  

Physical port

- 24 100Base-FX Fast Ethernet ports

- 2 SFP 1000Base-X slots, and port 25,26 to form a Combo port.

Two layer parameters

- Auto-MDI/MDI-X automatic detection function (RJ45 25,26)

- back pressure (half duplex) to prevent packet loss function and 802.3x PAUSE IEEE frame flow control function (full duplex)

- high performance storage and forwarding architecture, runt/CRC filtering, error detection and other functions to improve the quality of network transmission.

- support VLAN

- 802.1Q Tag-Based VLAN IEEE

- VLAN Port-Based

- VLAN MTU (Unit VLAN Multi-Tenant)

- support spanning tree protocol

- STP, IEEE802.1D (Spanning Tree Protocol Classic)

- RSTP, IEEE802.1W (Spanning Tree Protocol Rapid)

- Detection Loopback

- support link aggregation

- supports 3 trunk groups

- each group supports 4 Fast Ethernet ports or 2 Gigabit ports

- 802.3ad LACP IEEE (Aggregation Control Protocol Link)

- ether-channel Cisco (Trunk Static)

- port mirroring function to detect data from a specific port

QoS function

- 2 priority queues

- data traffic classification

- priority Port-Based

- 802.1p based priority IEEE

- TOS IP / based priority DSCP

- TCP / Port-Based QoS UDP

- strict priority and weighted cycle scheduling algorithm service level strategy

- Import and export rate limiting function (for each port)

- broadcast storm suppression function

- support Snooping V1 and V2 IGMP


- MAC address filtering

- TCP & UDP filtering (each port)

- management of idle time security

Management function

- remote web network management interface

- support V1 SNMP

- support Option and 82 DHCP DHCP relay

- firmware upgrade feature (via web management interface)

- upload and download functions through the web interface

- reset the function, the system to restart or restore factory settings

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