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Solution of Liao Ning Video conference
Release time2015-12-07

Saicom switch used for "Liao Ning video conference project" . 

About Solution:

It's Saicom industrial network switch used on this Liao Ning video conference project.

This industrial-grade switch with 4GX & 8GE multifunctional ports, with web managed function. Beside, there are also industrial-grade 19 inches(standard 1 U) optical switch. 

Have 4*1000Mbps interfaces and 8*10/100/1000M adaptive Ethernet RJ45 ports.

Each sub-venue of video, audio and other signals transmitted through the fiber to the main venue. Meanwhile, the video and audio signals of the main venue are also be transmitted to the sub-venues-----That comes into being a Ring-networking mode. a Ring-network functions self-healing once a particular failure happens in it.

Then connect each Ring-network of each venue. Relative to a single network link type, This mode is more stable and reliable as it avoided the problem of network paralysis which leads from a particular failure one line as above mentioned.

With both 1000Mbps for each port, and inclouding fiber & ethernet interfaces on one product that ensured the singals transmission fast and without any delay. Open interface of Saicom switch makes it easy to integrate with other systems.

Products overview:

1.Web management & interface configuration

2.Industrial design: high stability, compact metal housing

3.Cost-effective, easy-to-use

4.Protection lightning radiation level meet IP40.

5.Optional Mounting: DIN-rail mounting & Desktop & Wall hanging type

It can be widely used in telecommunications, electricity, water, finance, transportation, energy, police, prisons, military and other different areas, different industries need for Ethernet services into any environment and occasion harsh conditions. 19 inches optical switch improved circuit layout, save fiber resources, to a certain extent, reduce the cost of construction and maintenance.

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