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Saicom Solution for Qinghai weather stations
Release time2015-12-07

Saicom switch used in this project is the kind of industrial grade multifunctional managed optical Switch--like 2GX&6GE. Besides also used Medial Converter(GX&GE), Industrial Network Switch (nGX&GE) and Industrial multi-optical Switch(GX&nGE).

 2GX&6GE Features :

1.Industrial grade --- suitable for most conditions

2.Offer 2 gigabit optical interfaces for fible connector

3.Offer 6*10/100/1000Mbps auto-adaptive RJ45 ports for ethernet connecting. 

4.High stability, compact metal housing

5.Cost-effective, easy-to-use

6.Protection lightning radiation level meet IP40.

7.Optional Mounting: DIN-rail mounting & Desktop & Wall hanging type

The datas collected from the front equipment like video monitoring, temperature, humidity and others, will be send to data center through the optical fiber Ring-network which ensured the Integrity of collect signals, then to the data center for records management.

Solution conditions: 

As the monitoring points is so far awary, ordinary network cable can not reach it, At that moment, the detection signal can be transmitted to Saicom switch GX&GE/8GE firstly by optical fiber. That means all the signal can be collected to Saicom switch like 2GX&6GE from the Ethernet port and then transmitte out of optical port by fiber to next Switch which is far awary and out of network cable distence. So that achieved a long-range signal acquisition and transmission. 

It can be widely used in telecommunications, electricity, water, finance, transportation, energy, police, prisons, military and other different areas, different industries need for Ethernet services into any environment and occasion harsh conditions. 19 inches optical switch improved circuit layout, save fiber resources, to a certain extent, reduce the cost of construction and maintenance.

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