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Solution for Zhengzhou Safe City Construction
Release time2015-12-07


Since 2004 China put forward the "Peace City Construction" so far, in the joint efforts of the government's promotion and all kinds of industry support, safe city construction ushered in one climax after another. 

As one of the first 21 "Strengthening the Police with Science and Technology" demonstration city, Zhengzhou pay attention to peace city construction especially 


According to the site conditions, Saicom put forward safe urban road monitoring solution. In the scheme, the company mainly applied 2GX&nGE(n=4/6/8) Saicom optical switches. 

In every monitoring points, the signls from high-definition panoramic cameras, traffic lights, radar and other equipment’s electrical signals can be turn into optical signals through Saicom optical switches.

Then transmistte to remote monitoring center by the optical fiber link.Once monitoring center receives the data, will startting analysis and management for data storage.


What's a ture good solution for "Safe/Smart City"?1.Save fiber resources: Multi-channel signal transmitte in one optical  fiber line,effectively reduced the construction cost, facilitate  management. 

2.Powerful function: Open interface--Can be connect to anyother IP equipmentsas as in a versatile managed way.Web management support both IP setting, VLAN division, Flow rate     

3.Stable & Easy to use: Support Link / loop networking modes. Loop networking modes makes the transmission have self-healing functions.        

Plug-play connect port makes installaton can't be more easy.


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