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Solution for Songcheng Theme Park Monitoring System
Release time2015-12-07


Along with the improvement of the level of production,tourism has become one of the first choice for people's daily entertainment, but also the economic development of the relevant industries. With the arrival of the golden week,some security problems are generated. 

The management departments of various scenic spots are more and more attention.Field picture, coupled with the site's text is introduced. Through this new way can let each rest at home people can stay at home and around the taste of auspicious scenery. 


The customer request cascade, saving fiber laying in the three link points (cost).

--A.Front-end: network camera through twisted pair connected to SC21M-G4GX2, using SC21M-G4GX3 double burring lower order. 

> Device provides 2*1000M port of the SFP optical, consisting of the electrical port of the 4*10/100/1000M (SC21M-G4GX2) 

> Device provides 3*1000M port of the SFP optical, electrical port of the 4*10/100/1000M composition (SC21M-G4GX3) 

> By hand in hand on connected transmission mode save the cost of optical fiber cable > input voltage: DC5V 

--B.Bureau end: place a nuclear 4*1000M port of the SFP optical heart Gigabit switch SCM-G24GX4 

> Device provide the electrical port of the 24*10/100/1000M composition 4 Gigabit burring docking front-end cascaded optical switch SC21M-G4GX2

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