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Rail intelligent transportation (Ningbo Metro Line 1)
Release time2015-12-07

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Intelligent rail transportation (Ningbo Metro Line 1) project mainly divided into two parts: subway video surveillance system + subway power distribution monitoring system application.

1.1 Metro video surveillance system - Project Overview

There are totally two parts: peration video surveillance & security video monitoring. 

Once happen an emergency (such as fire, terrorism, natural disasters, etc.), 

monitoring operation dispatcher need to know the real-time monitor stations, passengers and the passengers get on/off, etc. So that  they can act the safe operation fast, timely and accurately for later direct rescue and arrange the passenger channel; Besides, parking / depot attendant need real-time monitoring the field / in substation, entrances, throat turnout, warehouse, public areas and other important areas. Also they need to learn the operation of equipment, import and train, improve command efficiency Rate, disaster prevention and security. 

Public security monitoring is responsible for the entire line of access to the station, crowded area (on the down platform, station hall, gate access, etc.) to monitor, maintain the daily order and deal with the emergency.

1.2 Solution

Front point: Use Saicom switch - SCSWG-08062M 

> It offers 4*100/1000M SFP optical ports, 

  8*10/100/1000M RJ45 ethertnet ports.

> Working environment: - 40 ~ + 85℃ 

  Relative humidity: 0 ~ 90% (no condensation) 

> Need power(input voltage): DC12~56V 

> Enhanced aluminum metal case.

Collecting point: all prior datas will converge here at Saicom switch SCSWG2-28244M. That's a gigabit switch with below details:

> 24*10/100/1000M RJ45 electrot ports, 4*1000M SFP slots.

> Working environment: -40 ~ +85 temperature, 

  Relative humidity: 0~90% (no condensation) 

> Need power(input voltage): DC48V, AC220V

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