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High risk system (Taiyuan Shanxi Ling North coal)
Release time2015-12-07

Reauirement from situation

1,Nessary installed monitoring point: the main wellhead, deputy wellhead, underground electrical chamber, well digging working face, under export of mining face,Underground parking, control room, altitude chamber.

2,Other places which may need to be installed: Depends on needs to decide the installation location and device quantity.

Requirement for Network camera 

As used in underground, the monitoring video camera must meet  below requirements:

1. Mineing electrical shockproof requirements

2. Low illumination design

3. Infrared design, 

4. The problem of fever after long-time working has to be sloved.

In view of above, we suggest using our network camera and put a protective cover on it. For the protective cover, we choosed an anti corrosion type. It is stainless steel, sealed, anticorrosion, dustproof, meet IP68 standard, could add zoom lens on, could be used in severe dust environment and acidic environment, suitable for useing in dangerous condition like mine with gas or dust explosion hazard. 

Switch selection

Environment down in mine is worse than ordinary ones, at least in vibration, humidity, temperature. The general switch wasn't deigned for such bad working condition, so it can not work long time in the environment such as mine. Once used ordinary switch, it will often occur faults easily that's why we advise to use industrial-grade switch. Saicom Industrial switch   is reliable because of the stable power supply and even there is a port interrupt, there will be a alarm output from relay. Beside, other advandages like redundant dual DC power input, active circuit protection, over voltage, under voltage automatic circuit protection ect. are also helpful in such working place.

About the function of industrial switch:

The mian function of the industrial Ethernet Switch in function are similar to network switch. Such as inter operability with variety of field bus, equipment redundancy and real-time performance. While the performance difference is mainly shows on the adaptation parameters to the environment. t

Except of the bad conditional such as Coal Mines, Ships and so on, there are much more special requirements which related to the EMI (electromagnetic compatibility), temperature, humidity and dust, etc. Temperature is one of the most important factors.


Front side adopt the series of industrial-grade transmission equipment saicom SCSWG-10064M switches.

> Device offer 2*1000M SFP optical ports, 2*100M SFP optical ports, 6*10/100M electrical ports.

> Equipment working environment: - 40 ~ + 85℃ 

Relative humidity: 0 ~ 90% (no condensation) 

> Input voltage: DC12~56V 

> Gigabit optical port make it true that long-distance transmission from Ring-network to the well monitoring room.

Collection side adopt core switch of SCSWG2-24204M series which is industrial Gigabit Ethernet switch and support setting up Ring-network switch. 

> Device provides 20*10/100/1000M & 4*1000M and SFP slots.

>Connecting 4*1000M port SFP and SCSWG-10064M optical ports to set up self-healing ring network.

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