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Intelligent transportation system (Wuzhong District Suzhou)


BackgroundIntelligent Transportation System (ITS) is the direction of future transportation system development. It is a kind of integrated transportation management system with advanced information te…

IP self-healing switch successfully applied to Jining safety HD project


Hangzhou Saicom communication, independent research and development of cascade / loop optical switch series, the successful application of in Jining City public security definition security monitoring…

Wind power generation system


The monitoring system of wind farm is responsible for the operation data of wind turbine, the operation condition and the fault alarm, and the remote control, data record, data report, curve generatio…

Saicom communication station remote data transmission to solve the problem of chain gas


Along with the rapid development of our country's various undertakings, especially the rapid development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, people have more and more …

Saicom communications Qinghai meteorological station data acquisition and transmission project successful


The project uses a 2 optical ports 6 electric ports power industrial grade network management type optical switch, 1 optical port 1 electric , more than 1 electric light switches and 1 optical multi -…

 Build and hand in the universities of Ningbo and safe campus


In 2014, Saicom communication and including Ningbo University, Ningbo Institute of Technology University, Ningbo Engineering College and other colleges and universities formally established relations …

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